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MSU's Shilique Calhoun Posted 2 Instagram Photos Of Himself Being Held By Nebraska Defenders

Michigan State defensive end Shilique Calhoun had a frustrating Saturday against Nebraska, and it'll only take one look at the below photos to understand why. Following the contest, Calhoun posted the photos to his Instagram account, clearly insinuating that he was held throughout the game by Cornhuskers offensive tackle Nick Gates. Tuesday, he was asked his thoughts on the matter.

According to Kyle Austin of, Calhoun didn't think the non-calls affected the outcome. But he's still upset.

"That's for the integrity of the game," Calhoun said on Tuesday when asked why he posted the photos. "I don't think those calls were going to make or break the game. I just felt like the integrity of the game was being distorted. I feel as if offensive tackles shouldn't do that."

Calhoun also called out Nebraska's offensive line for a "dirty play" regarding Joel Heath's second quarter injury.

Here are the photos that Calhoun posted. There was no call made on either play.

Regardless, Michigan State now needs to win out and most likely get some help to reach the College Football Playoff. We'll see how much of an effect the loss has on their season.