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Officials Joked That They Destroyed MSU's Winning T-Shirts "In The Third Quarter"

Michigan State hung around with Alabama in the first half, heading into halftime trailing just 10-0 after a solid defensive performance. But in the third quarter, the Crimson Tide turned it on, scoring three touchdowns - two of them on spectacular plays - to mount an insurmountable lead heading into the game's final period. Apparently, game officials didn't have much faith that the Spartans were going to turn things around.

According to ESPN's Brett McMurphy, when he asked to see a "Won Not Done" tee shirt for Michigan State after the game, officials said that they probably "destroyed" them in the third quarter.

Of course, it was a joke - one that Spartans fans probably won't appreciate. That being said, Alabama fans will likely wait until after next Monday's national title game to buy their 2015 gear.