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Photo: Michigan Fans Vandalized MSU's Magic Johnson Statue

Last week, we saw some on-campus vandalism from fans on both sides of the TCU vs. Baylor rivalry. Now we're seeing it in Big Ten country. It appears that Michigan fans have spray painted Michigan State's Magic Johnson statue maize. Spartans supporters are not going to take kindly to what's happened here.

Alvin Ellis, a junior guard on the basketball team, posted a photo of the damage. It looks like MSU is already in the processing of cleaning the statue.

">October 15, 2015

">@MagicJohnson Looks like the Wolverines tagged your statue.

— EP (@EricPlatte)

@MagicJohnson Looks like the Wolverines tagged your statue.

— EP (@EricPlatte) October 15, 2015

">October 15, 2015

There also appears to be more damage done around campus.

">October 15, 2015

Hopefully, Michigan State fans will take the high road here. We wouldn't bet on it, though.