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Photo: Michigan State Football Has Awesome Custom Thigh Pads

With how important branding is in college sports, you see teams' logos pop up all over the place, especially on uniforms. You'll see them on jerseys, helmets, pants, undershirts, and cleats, but one place that we've never seen them is on a team's thigh pads. However, thanks to Michigan State, that's changed.

The Spartans' equipment staff released a picture of the team's new thigh pads today. One of them features the letters "MSU" stylized for the team, while the other has the Spartan logo. The thigh pads are unique, and they are awesome.

">@treDCALS for these sick new thigh pads!

— MSU Football EQ (@SpartanFB_eq)

Thanks to @treDCALS for these sick new thigh pads!

— MSU Football EQ (@SpartanFB_eq) September 6, 2014

">September 6, 2014

We'll see if these thigh pads make their debut today, when the Spartans travel to Oregon and take on the Ducks. The game is scheduled to kick off at 6:30 P.M.