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Photo: Michigan State's Football Building Has A Reminder Of Michigan AD Dave Brandon's Trash Talk

Fighting words!

"Locker room material" is one of the most overused phrases in sports. Players and coaches often have enough motivation to succeed without having to hear what the enemy has to say about their team or program. But there are exceptions.

Earlier this offseason, we showed you Alabama's weight room, which has pictures of Texas A&M's logo at the top of every pull-up bar and the Aggies' Cotton Bowl performance on loop on the televisions. Now, we've got another example - this time at Michigan State.

Back in May, Michigan AD Dave Brandon made waves when he took a few shots at his in-state rival on the radio station WTKA-AM. Here's the quote, from

“Brady said, ‘They’ve got a field, it’s 100 yards long, there are goalposts at either end -- we’re going to be just fine, not a big deal. We can win there as easily as we can win at home.”

Yeah - pretty strong. Well, it appears the Spartans are using Brandon's words as motivation for the upcoming season.'s Hondo Carpenter posted a photo of the quote hanging at one of Michigan State's football buildings.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the ADs of the two schools can't come to a decision on a potential future night game between the teams. It looks like things might be heating up in this rivalry.