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Photo Of Michigan State "HydroChrome White" Helmet Goes Viral, But It's Fake

It's hard to make a statement in the apparel department against Oregon - the Ducks roll out flashy new uniform combinations seemingly every other week because of their affiliation with Nike. Michigan State fans might have gotten a little bit ahead of themselves thinking the Spartans were going to unveil some stylish jerseys and helmets this weekend when the two schools meet.

The below photos, which show a "HydroChrome White" helmet, have been going viral on Twitter. Unfortunately, they're fake.

">September 1, 2014

">August 31, 2014

How do we know? Because both were created by a Michigan State fan and posted on 247 Sports' MSU Red Cedar forum

Regardless, this Saturday's game between the two squads - both ranked in the top ten - should be awesome. If either team unveils flashy new threads, well, that'll just be a bonus.