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Photo: Tom Izzo Shows Support For Memphis Grizzlies With "Whoop That Trick" Rally Towel

"Whoop That Trick" by Terrence Howard was one of the songs on the soundtrack of the 2005 movie Hustle & Flow. It's edgy and pretty much self-explanatory. If you're in the mindset to kick some butt, this is the song to listen to. 

Howard's character in the film, DJay, is a pimp and an aspiring rapper from Memphis. Starting back in the 2013 playoffs, "Whoop That Trick" has become a fan favorite at Memphis Grizzlies' home games.

This year's hard-nosed Memphis squad holds a 2-1 advantage in the Western Conference Semifinals against the favored Golden State Warriors. The Griz are home tonight at the FedEx Forum, and apparently Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo will be in attendance. It looks like Izzo, who coached Memphis star Zach Randolph in college, is getting into the spirit of the home crowd. 

">May 12, 2015

Your eyes don't deceive you. That is indeed the 60-year-old Izzo smiling and holding a "Whoop That Trick" rally towel courtesy of

This is one photo we never could have imagined existing, but it'll probably go viral very soon. Surely Randolph will appreciate his ex-coach holding pro-Memphis paraphernalia, but Warriors star Draymond Green (another MSU alum) might be a big disappointed to see it.