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Photos: 8-Year-Old Cancer Fighter Lacey Holsworth Cuts Down Nets With MSU's Adreian Payne

Michigan State fan or not - this is one story we can all appreciate.

Last year, we first heard the story of how Spartans center Adreian Payne became friends with Lacey Holsworth, a young cancer patient who had been diagnosed with neuroblastoma. While Holsworth was able to defeat cancer and regain her ability to walk this past year, the horrible disease unfortunately reappeared in November. Payne has stuck by her side through the entire ordeal, making her an important part of his life. 

Last May, Payne attended Dick Vitale's Charity Gala with her. Earlier this season, on senior day, Payne even invited Holsworth to be by his side as his special guest. But what they experienced this past Sunday was the most amazing moment yet. Payne and Holsworth cut down the nets to celebrate a Big Ten Tournament title for the Spartans. Here are some photos:

">March 16, 2014

">March 16, 2014

It was an incredibly heartwarming moment from one of college basketball's most likable players. And hey, if what the analysts are all saying turns out to be true, maybe this won't be the last time the duo gets to climb the ladder this season.