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Plaxico Burress Took A Shot At Nick Saban During Today's SEC Championship Game

Plaxico Burress close up.

plaxico burress upset michigan state nebraska game

It's been well-established that former Michigan State wide receiver Plaxico Burress is not a fan of his collegiate head coach, Nick Saban, who he has trashed on multiple occasions

During the first half of today's SEC Championship Game, Saban went nuts on Alabama defensive back Tony Brown following a costly penalty. Watching at home, Burress took exception to Saban's antics and language towards the 20-year-old sophomore.

">December 5, 2015

Predictably, Burress is now trolling/fending off a horde of angry Tide fans in his mentions. It's also pretty clear Plax and Nick won't be sending each other Christmas cards this year, and probably haven't done so in years past.