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Sports Illustrated Story Dismisses Idea Mark Dantonio Could Leave Michigan State For South Carolina

Mark Dantonio played college football at South Carolina. The Gamecocks are currently searching for a head coach to replace Steve Spurrier. Dantonio is a great coach. 

So, could he leave Michigan State for his alma mater? 

No. You probably didn't need us to tell you that, but in case you needed some more affirmation, here it is, courtesy of's Michael Rosenberg. 

">November 18, 2015

From his story:

This year, Dantonio's alma mater, South Carolina, is looking for a coach. (MSU co-defensive coordinator Harlon) Barnett says, "He's staying here, man." (George) Perles says if somebody offers Dantonio a job, "I'll be the first one over there with handcuffs."

There is no reason to worry. Dantonio is 59. He is from Ohio, so it is not like he has deep Southern roots. He has a winning program, which he can run as he sees fit. He doesn't just talk about a "family atmosphere"—his daughters both chose to attend Michigan State, coaches' families often travel with the team, and Dantonio arranges his spring schedule to give those coaches as many weekend days off as possible.

Dantonio has a vacation house on a lake and a program he built in the desert, where nobody thought he could do it. Michigan State has everything he needs. Barnett says, "I'll put it out there: I think something is going to be named after him when he finally shuts it down. Mark Dantonio's name will be there forever."

Dantonio's building an empire at Michigan State. He ain't leaving. 

We didn't have to tell you that. It's surely pleasing to hear if you're a Spartans' fan, though.