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Tom Izzo Says Michigan State's Loss To Texas Southern Was A "Coaching Loss", Spartans Had "Sissy Practice" Friday

Tom Izzo featured in a Michigan State hype video.


If you're a low-tier college basketball team hoping to beat an established, premier program, travel to Michigan for a game. 

This afternoon, a couple weeks after NJIT defeated the then-No. 17 Wolverines, No. 25 Michigan State (8-4) fell to Texas Southern (2-8), 71-64. According to noted college basketball expert Ken Pomeroy, this was a bigger upset than NJIT's victory against Michigan. 

Spartans' coach Tom Izzo says it's a "coaching loss." 

">December 21, 2014

">December 21, 2014

">December 21, 2014

Good luck tomorrow, Michigan State players. Be sure to hydrate and get some rest tonight.