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Tom Izzo Wants His Players Off Twitter After Sunday's Game

Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo has made it clear over the years that he's not a fan of Twitter - or any social media medium, really. Izzo, one of the more old-school coaches in college basketball, has even partilly blamed the service for his teams struggles in prior contests. Tuesday, Izzo took things a step further, revealing that he asked his team to "stay off Twitter" following MSU's big victory over Virginia this past Sunday. He also told them to "stick" their phones where the sun doesn't shine, oddly.

">March 24, 2015

Izzo's statement hasn't really gotten through to every player - we just randomly checked Travis Trice's account and saw a few tweets over the past 24 hours. But regardless, it's clear that Izzo wants the players to remove all distractions as they head into their Sweet 16 matchup with Oklahoma.