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Trae Waynes Sent Melvin Gordon A Picture Of Adrian Peterson's Locker, Called Him A Peterson "Groupie"

Former Wisconsin star Melvin Gordon loves Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson, so much so that he may wear Peterson's No. 28 for the San Diego Chargers this year if No. 25 doesn't become available. Naturally, he's excited that Peterson will return to the field for the Vikings, and had an interesting request of one of his childhood friends, Michigan State-turned-Viking cornerback Trae Waynes.

“He’s a huge Adrian Peterson fan,’’ Waynes said Thursday about Gordon, who finished second in voting for the Heisman Trophy last year at Wisconsin. “He was saying to me, ‘What’s he like? How does he run like he does?’ All that kind of stuff. I called him a groupie. I’m like, “Man, you’re like a groupie.’ He’s like, ‘Man, I’m a fan."


“He was like, ‘Man, what’s his locker look like like?’’’ said Waynes, who starred at Michigan State. “So I’m like, ‘I’ll take a picture of his locker for you.’ So I took a picture of his locker (for Gordon).’’

While Peterson may be the greatest active running back, Gordon was a similar player during his time at Wisconsin. If he translates that ability to the NFL, the Chargers offense is going to be pretty scary.