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Video: Bill Raftery Tells Verne Lundquist He's "Too Old" After He Criticizes Michigan State's Alley-Oop Fest

"Everybody in the house likes it but Verne Lundquist."
Verne Lundquist calling an SEC game on CBS.

Verne Lundquist

Michigan State is absolutely demolishing Valparaiso in today's opening game of the second round of the NCAA Tournament. Thankfully, the all-star duo of Bill Raftery and Verne Lundquist is on the call, providing at least a little entertainment for the fans. 

After Michigan State attempted (and failed on) one alley-oop attempt, the Spartans tried another, much to the dismay of Lundquist. As Raftery puts it, "everybody in the house likes it but Verne Lundquist."

For the record, Lundquist is 72, while Raftery is 69 - so it's not like Raftery is a spring chicken himself.

Video courtesy of The Big Lead.