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Video: Draymond Green Tees Off On Reporter After Disrespectful Question

Draymond Green talks to reporter at a press conference.

Draymond Green

Former Michigan State star Draymond Green has no problem speaking his mind, but that doesn't mean you're going to catch him saying something he doesn't mean. Sunday night, Green, after Golden State's victory over Houston, was asked a ridiculous question in his post-game presser and made it clear that he wasn't going to get tripped up.

Green, specifically, was asked by a foreign reporter if there was any correlation between the flooding in Houston, which has claimed eight lives in the past week, and Golden State's victory. Green eventually teed off on him, implying that the reporter is just trying to get a controversial quote out of him.

Props to Green for not taking the bait. We imagine he won't be answering many more questions from that one reporter.