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Video: Nebraska Storms Back, Beats Michigan State On Controversial Call

A Nebraska player makes a catch near the endzone.

nebraska michigan state ending

Earlier this year, Michigan State knocked off Michigan on the game's final play, preserving its undefeated season. Saturday night, the Spartans found out what it's like to lose a heartbreaker. Nebraska, behind two touchdowns in the game's final two minutes, defeated Michigan State at home. The Cornhuskers' final score came on a very controversial play.

With 17 seconds to play, Tommy Armstrong Jr. found Brandon Reilly for a 30-yard touchdown. Reilly went out of bounds before catching the ball, but the referees determined that he was "forced" out. Here's the replay - you can make your own decision.

">November 8, 2015

Regardless, Michigan State is now 8-1 on the season. Nebraska moves to 4-6 - still holding onto bowl game hopes.