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Video: Tom Izzo Gives Emotional Speech About Lacey Holsworth During Rock Vigil

Last night, we showed you photos from a vigil that Michigan State held to honor Lacey Holsworth, a young friend of Adreian Payne and the Spartans basketball team, who passed away from cancer Tuesday night at the age of just eight years old. Today, via Steve Zaagman of WZZM 13, we've got video of the speech that head coach Tom Izzo gave to the students who came out to sign the rock and pay tribute to Holsworth.

Izzo, fighting his emotions through the segment, speaks at length about how much Lacey was able to accomplish in her short life and how many lives she was able to impact. He also says that he's never been prouder of a group of students in his 30 years on campus. 

Izzo closes the speech with the question: 'She wasn't that big, she wasn't that strong, but she sure was powerful, wasn't she?"

Yes, she sure was.