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5 Times Kate Upton, People’s Sexiest Woman Alive, Proved She Is A Big-Time Sports Fan

Thursday night, People Magazine officially announced that supermodel Kate Upton, who rose to fame as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, would be its Sexiest Woman Alive for 2014. Upton, after thanking her fans, apologized to her 18-year-old brother and told her boyfriend, Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, "you're welcome" before walking off the stage.

Though Upton was never a professional athlete herself, she's always kept close tabs on the sports world. Here are five examples that prove she's a big-time sports fan.

Start with No. 5, The Jets and Notre Dame >>>

5. Her masterful trolling of the New York Jets and Notre Dame

Back in January of 2013, Notre Dame had a tough time against Alabama in the BCS National Championship Game. Upton decided to try to make the Fighting Irish feel a little better, reminding everyone that the New York Jets always lose games. Considering her ex, Mark Sanchez, was the quarterback for the Jets back then, it was an especially powerful zinger.

">January 8, 2013

Next: No. 4, Victor Cruz >>>4. Her imitation of Victor Cruz' salsa danceUpton may not be a big Jets fan, but she seems to have no problem with the Giants. Once, she even imitated Victor Cruz' famous touchdown dance while doing a photo shoot for Vogue. Next: No. 3, The Knicks >>>3. She actually attended a Knicks game this season.This one is hard to believe - mostly because the New York Knicks are terrible this year. But Upton, who attends dozens of NBA games each year, sat court side with Taylor Swift a few weeks ago to watch the Knickerbockers play the Orlando Magic. The Knicks lost, of course.Next: No. 2, Michigan and the NCAA Tournament >>>No. 2, Michigan and the NCAA TournamentUpton, a Michigan native, is also a fan of the Wolverines' athletic teams. During Michigan's men's basketball team's 2013 deep run in the NCAA Tournament, Upton made sure she was there to witness it. She attended the Wolverines' NCAA Tournament championship game against Louisville. Michigan, unfortunately for Upton, lost, but she seemed to still have a good time. 



— Kate Upton (@KateUpton) April 9, 2013

">@David_Upton_ — Kate Upton (@KateUpton)


— Kate Upton (@KateUpton) April 9, 2013

">April 9, 2013

Next: No. 1, ??? >>>No. 1, Taking A Shot At Cavs FansThis past July, while most of the sports world was celebrating LeBron James' homecoming to Cleveland, Upton was making a joke about the loyalty of the Cavs' fan base. The joke - a funny one - also probably had a decent amount of truth to it. 

">July 11, 2014

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