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Oregon Assistant Roasted For Tweet About Brady Hoke Deserving Credit For No. 2 Michigan

Brady Hoke recruited most of the Michigan team that is currently ranked No. 2 in the country, but as Oregon assistant Da'Vell Winters has learned, he isn't about to get much credit for the Wolverines' success.

Winters, an assistant to the director of recruiting with the Oregon football staff, tweeted that Hoke, now Oregon's defensive coordinator, recruited the bulk of Michigan's team.

That is, of course, true. Hoke was Michigan head coach from 2011-2014, and recruited many of the Wolverines who are making a huge impact this season. There are two major problems, however.

  • Hoke's best year was his first at Michigan, when he went 11-2. Of course, that was with Rich Rodriguez's players. Michigan got worse every year from 2011 on, bottoming out at 5-7 in his final season. It doesn't speak well to his ability to develop players.
  • Hoke's defense at Oregon may be the worst in all of college football. Oregon allows 43.3 points per game, 126th out of 128 FBS teams, and is dead last in total defense, surrendering 538.7 yards per game. Oregon's defense was a disaster last season, and got worse with Hoke taking over.

And wouldn't you know it...Michigan fans let Winters hear it.

Winters has since locked his Twitter account. There is an argument to make that Brady Hoke is fighting an uphill battle based on where Oregon's defense was when he arrived, but of course, that undercuts what Winters is saying about Hoke deserving credit for Michigan's 2016 success.