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Former Michigan DE Brandon Graham Loses Bet, Gets Humiliated On Twitter

Malcolm Jenkins wins a bet.

Malcolm Jenkins/Twitter

Eagles players Malcolm Jenkins and Brandon Graham had a bet for the Ohio State-Michigan game, and things did not end well for Graham.

Malcolm Jenkins and Brandon Graham had a bet on the Ohio State-Michigan game.

The Buckeyes won in double-overtime, which led to the following paying-up-of-a-bet by Graham, Jenkins' teammate on the Philadelphia Eagles and a former Wolverines' defensive end.

Check it out:

Yeah, that's Graham on the right, looking oh-so-pleased to be draped in an Ohio State jersey. Apparently, him and Jenkins, a former Ohio State CB, had a bet that the loser would be forced to don the rival team's jersey for a nice photo op. Jenkins looks mighty pleased with himself, while Graham looks like Jim Halpert from The Office.

I'm so glad the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry is competitive again.