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Video: FOX Sports' Colin Cowherd Reveals Preseason College Football Top 10

Colin Cowherd discussing something on his show.

YouTube/Colin Cowherd

It's that time of the year - with just a few weeks left until college football starts, analysts all over the country are putting out their predictions and rankings. Earlier in the day, we gave you Tim Brando's top 10. Now, it's time for Colin Cowherd's picks.

Cowherd, on his radio show Monday, spent 10 minutes going over his top 10. Needless to say, there are a few surprises.

Cowherd believes that Utah is going to win the Pac-12, because most of its big games are at home. He likes Clemson over Florida State in the ACC. He thinks Michigan will upend Ohio State and win the Big Ten. He likes Oklahoma in the Big 12. And Tennessee is his pick in the SEC.

Here are Cowherd's picks.

10. Utah

9. LSU

8. Iowa

7. Florida State

6. Ohio State

5. Alabama

4. Tennessee

3. Oklahoma

2. Michigan

1. Clemson

Here's video, for those interested.

Do you agree with Cowherd's rankings? Or is he way off-base?