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Colin Cowherd Has A Lengthy Defense Of Jim Harbaugh's Michigan Tenure

FS1's Colin Cowherd.

Colin Cowherd speaks on the air on FS1.

Michigan's Jim Harbaugh has been dogged by criticism from some fans and media members that he's underachieved in Ann Arbor. Colin Cowherd does not share this opinion.

This afternoon, Cowherd offered his support for Harbaugh in a segment on his show. His lengthy monologue outlined why he doesn't believe Harbaugh has come up short thus far at his alma mater.

The major building block of Cowherd's argument is his belief that Michigan is a program that should be winning "9.5-10 games" per season with the right coach. He's basing this on a set of criteria including academic reputation, recruiting base and location of the school.

Harbaugh has won 10 games three times in four seasons and is averaging 9.5 wins per campaign.

Most of the points Cowherd is hitting on are relevant. Harbaugh has won double-digits three times, a number Michigan hit just four times in the 15 years before he took over.

Also, while the Wolverines have recruited at a high level under Harbaugh, his home base isn't as fertile as some schools in the South.

However, the overriding issue most Harbaugh critics have isn't the number of games he wins, it has been the ones he hasn't won. He's 0-for-4 against Ohio State, just 2-2 against Michigan State and lost last year to Notre Dame.

Additionally, Ohio State, Michigan State and Penn State have all won the Big Ten East in the last four years. Michigan has not.

Until those facts change, Harbaugh will face some ridicule.