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Colin Cowherd Is Getting Crushed For What He Said About Jim Harbaugh

Colin Cowherd talks college football.

Michigan is entering the fourth year of the Jim Harbaugh Era. The program has sizable expectations this season, but also a difficult schedule.

Many in the media have debated whether or not Harbaugh has underachieved or is overrated. He has two 10-win seasons in three years in Ann Arbor, but no Big Ten titles and is 1-5 against Michigan State and Ohio State.

Is Harbaugh overhyped? Well, Colin Cowherd doesn't think so.

In fact, the FS1 host claims he can make a compelling case that Harbaugh's resume is "fare more" impressive than Nick Saban's. His primary arguments are Harbaugh's rebuilding efforts in college and his NFL career, which is better than Saban's stint with the Miami Dolphins.

"Do we live in the moment so much in America that we can't acknowledge a person's resume?" Cowherd said. "I can make an argument Harbaugh's resume is far more impressive than Nick Saban's. Nick Saban didn't turn Michigan State around. He was winning seven games there. Even at LSU, his fourth year at LSU, he lost four games. He went to Miami and got run out of the NFL. Nick Saban's hit one home run. Yeah, LSU was a win, but it took him a while at LSU."

You can hear Cowherd's full comments below.

While Harbaugh's resume is very strong, and part of the reason he is thought by some to be a disappointment at Michigan is because he was touted as a savior when he was hired, Cowherd is downplaying Saban's resume a little.

Michigan State had missed a bowl for three of the four seasons before Saban took over. They went to four bowl games in his five seasons as head coach, including a New Year's Day bowl in 1999--though he left to LSU and didn't coach in the game.

Cowherd is wrong on Saban's fourth year at LSU. That's when he won the national title, though he lost five games in his third year and three in his fifth.

Lastly, Saban hasn't just hit a home run at Alabama, he's hit a 500-foot game-winning grand slam. His program has won five national titles in nine years and is an NFL factory.

Harbaugh is excellent, and he was a better NFL head coach than Saban. Overall, it is tough to take his career over Saban's though.