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Colin Cowherd Says There's A New "Andrew Luck" In College Football

FS1's Colin Cowherd.

Colin Cowherd speaks on the air on FS1.

Few quarterbacks in college were as polished and NFL ready from the get-go as Andrew Luck was at Stanford. But FOX Sports' Colin Cowherd believes that there's a new Andrew Luck in college football.

On Wednesday, Cowherd declared that presumptive Michigan starting quarterback Dylan McCaffrey could be the signal caller Jim Harbaugh has been looking for since his Stanford days. Cowherd said that from what he's heard, McCaffrey is the best athlete Harbaugh's had under center at Michigan.

“Urban Meyer is now out of the (Big Ten) for a second year,” Cowherd said on Wednesday. “They have to find a new quarterback at Michigan. Christian McCaffrey’s brother Dylan is the leading candidate to be quarterback and people are saying this is the best athlete, this is the guy. This is Harbaugh’s Andrew Luck at Stanford.

On its face, the take seems almost ludicrous. While his time on the field has been limited, McCaffrey hasn't exactly blown anyone away with his talent. In 10 games he has completed 51.4-percent of his passes for 242 yards and three touchdowns. On the ground he's averaged 7.2 yards per carry.

Of course, his limited experience doesn't mean that he can't have a breakout season in 2020.

Who could have predicted that Justin Fields would have been a Heisman Trophy finalist after his limited time in Georgia?

Maybe Dylan McCaffrey is the next big thing in college football. But maybe Colin Cowherd is just talking out of his rear end.

Given his track record on evaluating QBs in college, both possibilities seem equally possible.