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"Uncle Louie's" Takes Out Newspaper "Missing" Ad Mocking Michigan After Clowney Hit

The hit still hurts.

Jadeveon Clowney's hit on Michigan's Vincent Smith during the Outback Bowl is taking on a life of its own. People have gotten creative on YouTube, with Photoshop and now, with newspaper advertisements. Let's all reminisce:

The Free Times in Columbia, South Carolina is running a paid advertisement this week, sponsored by Uncle Louie's (a local bar in the area), which pokes a little more fun at Michigan and Vincent Smith. Smith's helmet goes flying during the hit, so you can see the obvious mockery.

The ad was first brought to our attention by Twitter user @AdamCTwitty, but we called The Free Times and made sure it was real. The publication is also located in Columbia, South Carolina, contrary to Twitty's tweet. 

Here's a shot the newspaper was kind enough to send us. Pretty funny.

If you do find Smith's helmet, feel free to call the number listed.