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"Devout Fan" Jim Harbaugh Congratulates Judge Judy On New Contract, Is Still Extremely Weird On Twitter

Update: Judge Judy has responded to Harbaugh's congratulatory tweet. 

">@CoachJim4UM, best of luck this year at Michigan!

— Judge Judy (@JudgeJudy)

Thank you so much for the kind wishes @CoachJim4UM, best of luck this year at Michigan!

— Judge Judy (@JudgeJudy) March 5, 2015

">March 5, 2015

Earlier: We were all excited when Jim Harbaugh signed up for Twitter, but we didn't realize how very weird he would be online. Today, Harbaugh congratulated Judge Judy on her new multi-million dollar deal that will keep her on the air through 2020.

">March 3, 2015

As it turns out, this "devout fandom" is nothing new. Harbaugh has previously gone to a taping of the show:

...and he considers Judge Judy an inspiration.

To his credit, Harbaugh has been way more personable on Twitter than we would have ever imagined, so we fully support everything about this.