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Doug Gottlieb Asked Chris Webber About Jalen Rose During A Radio Interview and Things Got Really Awkward

Chris Webber made an appearance on The Doug Gottlieb Show Thursday afternoon to talk about the masters class in Wake Forest's documentary film program he'll be teaching next fall. 

During the interview, Gottlieb asked Webber about his former Michigan teammate, Jalen Rose. 

Then things got awkward. Here's the interview, as transcribed by Deadspin. 

Gottlieb: Where are you with Jalen?

Webber: What did you just ask me?

Gottlieb: I said where are you with Jalen, in terms of your relationship?

Webber: Wherever it was.

Gottlieb: (Re-asks the question.)

Webber: I mean, Doug, we ain’t talking about that. You ain’t getting that interview. I’m talking about Wake Forest. I don’t talk about him. I talked about him one time on The Dan Patrick show. That was it.

Gottlieb: (Explains why he's asking the question.)

Webber: Come on Doug. I just told you respectfully on your show I’m not going to talk about it. I’m talking about being a professor at Wake Forest teaching a class on culture in sports. Now do want want to beat me up because I did not answer you on your show?

Gottlieb: No, Chris, I want to make sure to give you context for why I asked.

Webber: I don’t want to answer the question. So what would you ask me after that? Because I’m going to put this in for my class, as far as how did you handle the media. I’m going to show them right now. I do not want to answer that question. I respectfully ask you not to ask me that again so you can blow your numbers up for your show. I don’t want to talk about that, Doug.

Gottlieb: And what I was trying to tell you was...

Webber: I understand, but you’re trying to still talk about this subject.

Gottlieb: No no no, I’m not. I’m actually not, Chris. I’m actually not. I didn’t know coming in, I didn’t ask to have you on the show with that as the sole purpose, to try and get that out of you, but I wouldn’t be doing my ...

Webber: Okay, so as soon as I said no, we can leave that alone.

Gottlieb: But I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t ask you, and give you the ability, if you had the desire to do so, to speak on it.

Webber: Thank you for the ability, and I again say I don’t want to talk about it.

Gottlieb: And I’m alright with that. And I’m alright with that. I just want you to know is part of doing this job is you have to ask.

Webber: I don’t know what it’s like to do your job Doug, so thank you for explaining that to me.

Gottlieb: Hey listen, thanks for joining us, I didn’t want to turn it into any sort of back and forth, I just tried to ask a question that you didn’t’ want to answer. But I do respect what you’re doing and I thank you for coming on.

Webber: I hope the students sign up because the class is going to be way more fun than this interview. It’s going to be crazy. Thank you. 

Webber and Rose's relationship has been trending downward over the years. Much of the tension seems to stem from ESPN's Fab Five 30 for 30 documentary, as Webber didn't participate, which didn't make his former teammates happy. Rose later called Webber "delusional" but continues to say that he considers his former teammate his "brother."

Just make up already, guys.