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ESPN Analysts Think Michigan Is The College Football Equivalent To England Soccer

The English soccer team's epic collapse against Iceland in the UEFA Euro 2016 has sparked a great deal of discussion - including some debates regarding which college football programs are the most comparable to the Three Lions. The team over at The Big Lead thinks Georgia is the most appropriate comparison. A few at ESPN have a different view.

ESPN College GameDay's Chris Fallica texted into Russillo & Kanell Tuesday, stating that he believes Michigan is the most comparable. Adnan Virk seemed to agree. One Michigan fan on Twitter did not.

">@Yankees not Michigan. #CmonMan I thought you guys knew sports.

@RussilloKanell England should be compared to the @Yankees not Michigan. #CmonMan I thought you guys knew sports. @ryenarussillo come back

— Wizkey Taylor (@WizkeyTaylor) June 28, 2016

">@ryenarussillo come back

— Wizley Taylor (@WizleyTaylor) June 28, 2016

If you're wondering, England has a reputation for being a bit overhyped heading into international competitions - and they often underwhelm. They're never terrible, but they're never great.

It's fair to say that Michigan has been overrated a number of years in the 21st century, but this time around, with Jim Harbaugh at the helm, the hype might be justified. A College Football Playoff appearance would go a long way in 2016.