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ESPN's Tom Luginbill Shares DM Exchange With Michigan Commit Chris Hinton

Hinton is a five-star prospect in the class of 2019.

According to 247Sports' Composite Rankings, Hinton is the No. 19 player in the class of 2019. However, he is only No, 97 in ESPN's newest ESPN300 for the 2019 cycle.

The reason for the lower ranking? ESPN thinks Hinton would be better suited switching to offensive line, where his father had a lengthy NFL career.

This morning, ESPN analyst Tom Luginbill shared Twitter direct messages from an unnamed prospect. The player inquired about what ESPN's "knock" on him was, and the exchange was incredibly professional and mature.

Luginbill didn't technically reveal Hinton's identity, but it isn't hard to figure out who the recruit is by using his Twitter avi. The responses to this tweet contain people praising Hinton for his willingness to accept criticism and improve his game.

Was Luginbill wrong for putting this out there? Some may think so but this message ultimately displays Hinton in a positive light.

Sounds like the kid has the right attitude and approach to succeed in life, not just football.