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Former Michigan Star Nik Stauskas' House Got "Popcorned"

Stauskas Popcorn

Stauskas Popcorn

Every year, NBA veterans like to haze rookies a bit, and one of the more popular moves is to "popcorn" a player's car. Dion Waiters, who now plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder but was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers, received one of the worst in history, if you remember. But this week, former Michigan star Nik Stauskas, who plays for the Sacramento Kings, came home to an even bigger surprise. He doesn't have a car right now, so instead, his teammates popcorned his house. 

Stauskas posted a video of the damage. It's significant.

Stauskas averaged 4.2 points per game in 15.2 minutes per contest this year. He's expected to have a bigger role in 2015-2016.