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How Michigan Can Still Make The College Football Playoff

Can Michigan still make the College Football Playoff?

Michigan's double-overtime loss to Ohio State in Columbus this afternoon probably ended the Wolverines' College Football Playoff hopes.


There is, though, a scenario in which you can make a pretty strong argument for the Wolverines to get in. Here's what has to happen.

  1. Penn State has to lose to Michigan State this afternoon (at the time of this post, MSU is winning).
  2. Ohio State has to then beat Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship Game
  3. Washington loses the Pac-12 Championship Game to either Colorado or USC

If that happens, the College Football Playoff field will (probably) look like:

  1. Alabama (13-0, SEC champs)
  2. Ohio State (12-1, Big Ten champs)
  3. Clemson (12-1, ACC champs)
  4. ???

The teams in contention for that fourth spot will be:

  1. A two or three loss Pac-12 champion (one of those possible teams being Colorado, a team Michigan beat)
  2. A two-loss Big 12 champion (Oklahoma, probably, who was blown out by Ohio State at home
  3. Michigan

Sure, the Wolverines won't be conference champions, but you could fairly argue that they'd be more deserving of a spot than, say, a two-loss Colorado or a two-loss Oklahoma.

Don't stop believing just yet, Michigan fans.