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Watch This Pylon Cam Shot Of Jabrill Peppers' Diving Touchdown

Jabrill Peppers went airborne for a touchdown, and the pylon cam caught the touchdown leap in all its glory.

Down 7-0 to Michigan State in the first quarter, Jabrill Peppers took matters into his own hands with a diving touchdown straight into the pylon. It was incredible.

Check it out:

My goodness. The pylon paid the price for getting in Peppers' way, but that sure is a nice angle. My favorite part is the guy on the left in the black sweater raising his hands in celebration before Peppers even begins his jump. He just knows.

Peppers has 21 yards on three carries with a touchdown and had a key third-down tackle earlier in the game. Seriously, what can't this guy do? He's listed as a linebacker, but has played 12 different positions this year. I wouldn't be surprised if Peppers trotted out and kicked a couple field goals before the game is over.

Michigan currently leads 27-10 at halftime.