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Jabrill Peppers And Reggie Bush Had A Bro Moment On Twitter

Jabrill Peppers and former USC star Reggie Bush expressed mutual respect for one another on Twitter this afternoon.

Michigan's jack-of-all-trades Jabrill Peppers had himself a day against Michigan State this afternoon, rushing for a touchdown, returning a fumbled 2-point conversation, all while racking up seven tackles on defense.

All in all, it was another routine Heisman-esque performance for the junior. The incredible performance also caught the eye of a past Heisman Trophy winner—former USC running back Reggie Bush.

Check it out:

That's pretty cool! Even cooler, Peppers shares Bush's college number. I wonder if...

Of course.

So in addition to taking down Michigan State and redeeming the program after last year's meltdown—all while playing at a Heisman level—he gets a shoutout from one of his heroes. That's a pretty full day.

It's Jabrill Peppers' world, and we're all just living in it.