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Jim Harbaugh Is Going To Be On A Major TV Show Tonight

Jim Harbaugh appears on Comedy Central's "Detroiters."

We haven't heard a lot from Jim Harbaugh recently. Michigan football has started training camp, but the normally-attention grabbing coach has remained pretty quiet.

He'll be popping up on TV tonight, though it will be in a much different context than you normally see him.

Harbaugh will be making a cameo in the Comedy Central series Detroiters.

The series follows a pair of best friends from Detroit, played by Veep star Sam Richardson and former Saturday Night Live cast member Tim Robinson, who produce low-budget ads for local businesses.

Jim Harbaugh revealed the Detroiters cameo via Twitter, featuring a gif of him chucking his hat at a poster.

Comedy Central has shared a clip from the episode, with more Jim Harbaugh antics included.

The Michigan head coach spoke to the Detroit Free Pressabout his comedy turn. Apparently, he was already a fan of the show.

Harbaugh describes himself as a big fan of the show, which is made here and stars Richardson and Tim Robinson as small-time Detroit ad men.

"It was a lot of fun to do," said Harbaugh of filming his sequence. "The guys, Sam and Tim, are really good guys. The whole set, the people couldn't have been more of a pleasure to be around. I wish them nothing but success."

Richardson says that the excitable Michigan coach really went for it during the episode.

"Detroiters" co-creator and star Sam Richardson told the Free Press earlier this year that Harbaugh was a great sport about the segment.

"We reached out to him and it turned out he loved the show. ... He was so game and so gung ho. He came to set and was like, 'I love you guys,' " said Richardson.

Harbaugh didn't hold anything back with his performance, according to Richardson: "He took it to the nth degree."

I'm sure the episode will provide us with some great gifs to use during Michigan games this fall.