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Is Jim Harbaugh's Twitter Account Buying Followers To Keep Pace With Urban Meyer?

Jim Harbaugh picking his nose and eating it during a game.

Jim Harbaugh fake Twitter followers have some college football fans very suspicious.

Ohio State and Michigan have each established themselves as top college football programs this season. The two programs are led by two of the brightest stars in the coaching ranks in Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh, respectively. Last night, Meyer hit the one million follower mark on Twitter, a pretty impressive social media milestone.

According to Eleven Warriors, Meyer was the first coach to hit the million mark. The man with the second-most followers? Harbaugh. Over night, he managed to eclipse the same milestone. The RedditCFB Twitter account checked out the new followers for the head Michigan Man, and found a lot of anonymous egg accounts.

One YouTube user also noticed the flood of new followers to Harbaugh's account, and began recording his screen as he refreshed Harbaugh's follower page.

Anyone on Twitter is going to get his or her fair share of fake Twitter followers, but over 5,000 in one night does seem a bit suspicious. It seems a bit fishy that Harbaugh, or someone with access to his account, would go out of the way to game the system in order to keep pace with Meyer, but if anyone in the sport exemplifies that attitude that "everything is recruiting," it is Harbaugh.