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Jim Harbaugh Had No Clue Who Paul Finebaum Is

Michigan's Jim Harbaugh has never played or coached for a team that plays in the SEC, so he's never had to deal with the media in the college football-obsessed region. Apparently, that also means that he's never heard of the most famous radio host of them all, Paul Finebaum. According to John Talty of, Harbaugh had no clue who Finebaum was when he was told by a fellow coach that he'd been "the talk" of the show that day after taking his shirt off at practice.

A coach approaches, fixes his collar and tells him he was the talk of the Paul Finebaum Show that day. Finebaum, whose show is nationally syndicated and televised on the SEC Network, discussed Harbaugh's appearance in Alabama with his legions of dedicated callers.

Harbaugh looks confused and shakes his head. He doesn't know who Paul Finebaum is.

The coach continues, "He's a radio show host."

Again, nothing from Harbaugh.

"He's a big deal down here in SEC country," another coach chimes in.

Harbaugh doesn't seem like the kind of guy who worries about what the media is saying, so this isn't that surprising. That being said, if he ever runs into Alabama or another top SEC school in the College Football Playoff in the future, he'll quickly get up to speed.