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Jim Harbaugh Rips Jim Rome On Twitter After Criticism

Speaking about Jim Harbaugh, Jim Rome criticized the Michigan head coach yesterday, labeling him the same "miserable" coach he was with the San Francisco 49ers.

Rome's criticism of Harbaugh came as a result of the coach's decision to storm out of a press conference this week because he did not like being questioned about suspended players. Since we're talking about Jim Harbaugh, Jim Rome should have known he'd be the target of a Twitter response sooner rather than later.

That response came this morning, and boy was it everything you could have hoped for. Harbaugh trolled Rome by referencing his infamous 1994 incident with former Purdue and NFL quarterback Jim Everett.

Everett, of course, took offense to Rome jokingly calling him "Chris" Everett after the female tennis player Chris Evert. He proceeded to dive across the table and shove the host.

">August 17, 2016

We can now add the CBS Sports radio personality to the lengthy list of people Harbaugh has trolled on Twitter. It will be interesting to see if Rome responds.

Rome is one of two CBS Sports personalities to say this week that they don't think Harbaugh is long for the job at his alma mater. Both he and writer Dennis Dodd feel Harbaugh will "burn out" in Ann Arbor like he has at past jobs.

“His shelf life at any given place is about four years,” Dodd said. “His act wears thin about four years in. I just don’t see him as a lifer at Michigan. I may be wrong. But sooner or later, he’s going to have to start beating those teams. Specific to this year, Michigan has to go to Michigan State, to Ohio State and to Iowa. So anyone thinking they’re going to win the Big Ten or get to the playoff, that’s three pretty big acts to do on the road.”

For now, though, Harbaugh has his Wolverines poised to be in the hunt for the Big Ten championship and a berth in the College Football Playoff.