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Jim Harbaugh On Losing 3 Of Last 4 Games: "Good...Maybe That'll Make Us Better"

Jim Harbaugh doesn't seem too broken up about Michigan's late season slide. On a recent podcast, he suggests the adversity may make the program better.

Jim Harbaugh appeared on Mercury News writer Tim Kawakami's "TK Show" podcast, and covered a number of topics. Among the more notable was his take on the recent spat with SEC Network's Paul Finebaum.

Harbaugh also addressed Michigan football dropping three of four games down the stretch in 2016. After opening 9-0, Michigan lost at Iowa, beat Indiana, but then fell to Ohio State in a dramatic double overtime game, and lost to Florida State in the Orange Bowl.

The Wolverines head coach thinks that may help in the long term. Here's what he told Kawakami about how 2016 ended.

Transcription via Coaching Search:

“This past season, as close to being perfect as any team I’ve been on without being perfect. We lost two games by one point, and a third game in overtime by three points. Good. Glad we lost them, and maybe that’ll make us better.

“Maybe that’ll be the thing that pushes us and motivates us to do a better job as coaches and players. We lost three out of our last four games. Good. That has really heated the waters here in our winter conditioning, and it will for spring practice as well. We didn’t win a national championship. We came up short, lost three of our last four games. We’ve actually got to get a lot better.”

Here's the full podcast.

We're not sure Michigan fans take the three losses with such aplomb, but it could definitely make for good motivation as the team in preparation for 2017.

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