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Jim Harbaugh To Offensive Lineman: "Get Your Sh-t Together!"

Jim Harbaugh yells at his offensive lineman.


Up 35-0 versus Maryland, Jim Harbaugh isn't too happy with this offensive lineman, for some reason.

Michigan is beating the life out of Maryland at the moment, but Jim Harbaugh is the coach, so complete and total domination isn't enough. Now, I don't know what transpired before the interaction you're about to see, nor do I know the relationship these two have, but I do know one thing: Jim Harbaugh isn't happy with Kyle Kalis, and he let the poor guy know about it.

Watch Harbaugh unleash his wrath:


It's almost like Kalis has been through this screaming routine before. He says nothing, unclips his chinstrap and keeps his eyes on the field. He's hardly phased! Desensitized to Harbaugh's yelling, perhaps? Probably.

One also has to pity the poor assistant tasked with following Harbaugh around all game with the headset cord. Yeah, Kalis got yelled at, and that sucks, but this assistant is in the blast radius every time Harbaugh decides to unload on a player, which probably happens a lot. That might be the worst predicament of them all. It's like living next to an airport.