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Jim Harbaugh Once Smeared Blood From One Of His Players All Over His Face

Jim Harbaugh is the type of man who will go all-out in a contest of laser tag against a 10-year-old and bring his glove to baseball games in an attempt to chase down foul balls, so the following story about the ultra competitive coach probably won't surprise you. 

Then again, maybe it will. 

According to a report by the Michigan Daily, Harbaugh once smeared the blood of one of his players all over his face while at Stanford. 

">December 23, 2014

It was 2007, Harbaugh's first year at Stanford, and prior to one of the Cardinal's games, the coach gave a motivational speech. During the pep talk, Harbaugh told his players "he wanted their blood on him if they bled during that week’s game." The players reportedly thought he wasn't serious. 

He was, though. 

From the report:

But in the game, right tackle Chris Marinelli ran off the field with the rest of his offense after a touchdown drive, his arm bloodied. He went straight to Harbaugh to show him.

Harbaugh looked at the blood and did exactly what he said he would. He took his hand and wiped it on Marinelli’s arm. The player’s blood was on the coach’s hands.

Then, Harbaugh took it a step further. He smeared Marinelli’s blood all over his own face like war paint.

“(Harbaugh is) standing on the sideline with the offensive line, really jacked up, screaming, yelling, jumping around with blood smeared on his face,” said Chase Beeler, one of the team’s offensive linemen.

He could be your next head football coach, Wolverine fans. 

Is he a Michigan Man or just a really-crazy-but-really-good football coach? 

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