“This isn’t just another job or even a dream job — it’s personal, and you have to see it succeed because it’s your family. It’s not another stop along the way, but instead an extra effort you want to put in.

“The support we get from Warde is unmatched — you’d expect that from football, but I also get the same feedback from the other coaches.

“Warde hasn’t hired all of us, but he has supported us all in a big way. We’ve all been very happy under Warde’s leadership.”

Manuel appeared as a guest on the show, and backed up what Harbaugh had to say, and added that he looks forward to seeing Manuel develop as a coach.

The pressure at Michigan basketball may not be the same as what Harbaugh and the football program face, but John Beilein took the program to a new level over the last few years. Howard steps into a very good situation, but also one that will demand results.