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Jim Harbaugh Refused To Answer Question About Ryan Day

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh and Ohio State football coach Ryan Day on the field after the game.

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN - NOVEMBER 30: Head Coach Ryan Day (R) of the Ohio State Buckeyes shakes hands with Head Coach Jim Harbaugh (L) of the Michigan Wolverines after a college football game at Michigan Stadium on November 30, 2019 in Ann Arbor, MI. The Ohio State Buckeyes won the game 56-27 over the Michigan Wolverines. (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)

Towards the end of Jim Harbaugh's press conference on Tuesday for Big Ten Media Days, he was asked about his relationship with Ryan Day. 

Over the past few years, Day and Harbaugh have thrown jabs at their respective programs. 

Day once said that he wanted to "hang 100 points" on Michigan. After the Wolverines' win in 2021, Harbaugh responded with: "Some people were born on third and think they hit a triple."

When discussing his relationship with Day, Harbaugh described it as cordial and professional. 

Harbaugh was asked about his "born on third base" remark from last fall, but he chose not to comment on it. 

At the end of the day, Michigan and Ohio State aren't supposed to like each other at all. It's OK for Harbaugh and Day to strictly have a professional relationship. 

Michigan and Ohio State will meet again on Nov. 26. This year's matchup will take place at Ohio Stadium.