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Jim Harbaugh Reveals The Last Time He Got Into A Fight

It wasn't that long ago.

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh was a guest on today's episode of Pardon My Take, the popular podcast from Barstool Sports.

During his interview, Harbaugh was asked to reveal the last time he was in a fist fight.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the hard-nosed head coach was in a real fight not that long ago.

Harbaugh, 53, said his last true fight came when he was 39 years old at a "Bennigan's" type restaurant.

“That was a fistfight. A couple guys. It was a like a Bennigan’s type of thing. Late night, somebody made a comment, I took exception. I took a couple shots. But there was like two guys, one was headed from the side. I did not win, I cannot say I won. I didn’t get crushed either. I got some blows in.”

Harbaugh was 39 in 2002, when he was the quarterbacks coach for the Oakland Raiders.

You can listen to his full appearance here.