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ESPN Debates Whether UCLA Should Make A Run At Jim Harbaugh

Would Jim Harbaugh leave Michigan for another Pac-12 job? Probably not, but ESPN had the debate this week anyway.

Some haven't been happy with the pace of Harbaugh's rebuild of the program, despite the fact that he has 28 wins through three years. However, the school seems pretty happy with it, reportedly working on a "lifetime" contract with the Michigan alumnus.

Michigan fans do have pretty high expectations, Harbaugh's teams have had limited success against the Wolverines' main rivals Ohio State and Michigan State, and he does have a tendency to burn out at jobs, jumping from San Diego to Stanford to the San Francisco 49ers to Michigan is pretty quick succession.

With all of that, on College Football Live Marcus Spears floated the idea of UCLA making a run at Harbaugh, to bring him back down to the Pac-12. Greg McElroy and Adnan Virk didn't seem to be buying it, and you probably aren't either.

I'm personally not sold that Harbaugh won't take another run at the NFL, given how successful he was and how close to a Super Bowl he got on multiple occasions. A move from Michigan to UCLA, which requires some serious spin to call even a lateral move? Nah.