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John Elway Says Broncos Were "Holding Their Breath" To Get Jake Butt

Jake Butt is headed to Denver.

Former Michigan tight end Jake Butt, once expected to be one of the first at his position drafted, fell all the way to the fifth round in this year's NFL Draft. Why? Butt tore his ACL during his team's Orange Bowl contest against Florida State.

It looks like the team that drafted Butt, however, is very happy with its decision. John Elway took to Twitter after the pick to tell Broncos fans how happy he was to land Butt in the fifth round. He says the team's personnel were "holding their breath" the few picks beforehand.

Given all Butt has been through, it's nice to see him land with a franchise that wants him. Butt, for the record, made out okay financially on the whole deal. He took out an insurance policy last year that wound up paying him.

Congrats to Butt.