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Michigan QB John O'Korn Posts Photo Of Himself With Roommate Maurice Ways, Preaches Change After Police Shootings

Michigan quarterback John O'Korn took to Instagram Friday to discuss racial tensions in our country after a number of police shootings.

While many professional athletes have weighed in on the racial tensions in our country, most college athletes have stayed on the sidelines. Friday, Michigan quarterback John O'Korn got involved, taking to Instagram with his thoughts on the matter.

O'Korn posted a photo of himself with wideout Maurice Ways - who is also his roommate. He says that his parents taught him to live "colorblind" while society said otherwise. He also said that he and Ways have had great conversations about what's happening across the country.

Here's O'Korn's caption. He makes a lot of great points:

This dude right here is my brother. He's my roommate. He's my best friend.... That's why it kills me to see what's going on in our country right now. I DONT GET IT. I never will. I'm so thankful that when society tried to tell me in first grade that I shouldn't be friends with a black kid that my parents taught me to live colorblind. They taught me not to look at others through the lens of society but through the lens of progress. Tensions right now are higher than ever and only get worse with each hashtag. We NEED change. But we don't need POLICY change. We need HEART change... In the officers whose intentions aren't pure.. In a man in a helicopter who classifies another as "bad" simply by the color of his skin... So many of our country's issues are rooted in our own ignorance & pride. We have this misconception that we actually understand what other people go through. But WE HAVE NO IDEA. So thankful for @_moeways and the daily conversations we have that open eyes and shatter perceptions. Conversations are everything. Elected officials aren't going to change a thing, we are. It's up to us...

...and here's O'Korn's photo.

O'Korn, who is the backup quarterback for the Wolverines after transferring in from Houston, is 5-of-7 for 32 yards on the year. It looks like he's making some great friendships too.