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Jourdan Lewis Gets Lit Up By PSU Kicker, Blames Jabrill Peppers For Missing Block

Jourdan Lewis


Jourdan Lewis gets lit up by Penn State's kicker and blames his own teammate for missing the block.

In case you didn't know, Penn State's kicker Joey Julius is 5-foot-10, weighs 258 pounds and can lay the wood. Michigan's Jourdan Lewis learned that the hard way this afternoon after returning a kick.

Getting laid out by the kicker wasn't Lewis' fault though. No, according to him it was his teammate Jabrill Peppers' getting out of the way of the bulldozing kicker and not landing a block. Lewis is obviously joking, but it's pretty funny. Peppers responded, too.

Peppers certainly could have stepped in and attempted to block the kicker, but that's easier said than done. Peppers weighs only 205 pounds, according to Michigan's website. He's giving up 50+ pounds to a player running full speed directly at him; it's easy to have second guesses on whether or not to step in and make that block.

He chose not to.

Michigan knocked off Penn State by the count of 49-10.