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Michigan's Jourdan Lewis, Wisconsin's George Rushing Trade Barbs On Saturday's Game

Michigan and Wisconsin did battle on Saturday, but players for the two schools apparently aren't done taking shots at each other.

Saturday, during Michigan's 14-7 win over Wisconsin, Wolverines cornerback Jourdan Lewis made one of the best interceptions you'll ever see - launching himself backwards to pick off the ball with just one hand. While most believe the play was play was 100% clean, some have implied that Lewis impeded Rushing's ability to come back on the ball. Apparently that includes Rushing himself.

Monday afternoon, Rushing took to Twitter with a photo, implying that Lewis held him on the play. Lewis responded, telling Rushing he should just be happy he was on ESPN.

Both players later deleted their tweets.

Regardless, no penalty was called, and Lewis' interception will go down in history. We'll see if this is the last we hear regarding this controversy.