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Lee Corso: Michigan - Not Washington - Should Be In The Playoff

Lee Corso revealed on College GameDay his College Football Playoff foursome, and his answer may surprise you.

Today on ESPN's College GameDay, Lee Corso revealed his College Football Playoff foursome.

"Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson and Michigan should be in the Playoff," Corso said. "Washington is not one of the country's best teams."

It's definitely not an unreasonable take, and it's certainly a sentiment a lot of people share, but it's hard to count out Washington now, especially after last night. The Huskies destroyed No. 8Colorado last night in a 41-10 annihilation. So while Michigan might be a better team, the committee has basically already given its ruling on who they think is better by placing them at No. 5 being Washington on Tuesday.

In a four-team playoff, a quality team is inevitably going to get screwed. This year it's looks like it'll Michigan.