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Look: Rich Eisen's Rant About Michigan Football Is Going Viral

Rich Eisen on his show.

Rich Eisen.

Radio host and University of Michigan alum Rich Eisen had something to get off his chest about the Big Ten on Friday.

In a lengthy rant that has gone viral, Eisen addressed the topic of Big Ten expansion and the claim that no rivalry games will be disturbed after the conference adds USC and UCLA (and potentially others).

Warning his listeners that he was about to live up to the stereotype of the "arrogant" Michigan fan, Eisen argued that every important rivalry game in the conference includes the Wolverines. 

"Name me another Big Ten rivalry game that does not include Michigan? Name me one," Eisen said. "Ask any [Wisconsin] Badger the one team they want to beat the most in the Big Ten: us. Name Michigan State. Us. Name Ohio State. Us."

Eisen went on to say that Michigan even has history with USC and UCLA, thanks in large part to the Rose Bowl. 

There's no doubt that Michigan fans do catch flak for their perceived arrogance from other Big Ten fan bases. However, the Wolverines also undeniably have a lot of tradition and are massively important to the conference.

If anything, that arrogance only reinforces Eisen's position that every other team in the Big Ten wants to beat Michigan. 

On the other hand though, there are definitely some rivalries that might not have the longstanding history as Michigan-Ohio State or Michigan-Michigan State that are still relevant within the Big Ten. 

Penn State-Ohio State, which was mentioned in the video, immediately comes to mind, as does Michigan State-Penn State and to a lesser extent, Indiana-Purdue.